Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm starting grad school very soon - June 2nd. I've been having mixed feelings about this because I'm not quite ready to go back to writing papers yet. However, I did find out some pretty great news yesterday when my bill for summer classes came. Turns out that since I'm still employed part time at the university I do not have to pay tuition! This will save me a good $2000 so I'm pretty excited. Now the trick is to get some of my fall tuition paid for. We don't find out about scholarships until June, which would also help.

In other news, the weather has been really nice lately so Jeremy and I have been able to ride his motorcycle a lot. We went on a benefit ride for autism a couple weekends ago that was a lot of fun. Neither of us have ever been on a ride before so it was quite the experience. We had, by far, the least amount of leather, tattoos, and slightly offensive patches. Also, before the ride we we wondering about what would happen when we came to a red light. Turns out that one of the bikers in the front blocks cross traffic and all 200ish of us just drive on through. Good times. The ride ended at a biker bar where they had a band and door prizes. We ended up winning a $50 and a $100 gift certificate to two different bike stores. Not bad for a $30 donation...

I really like riding on the motorcycle in the spring here. Your senses are just so much more heightened when on it. And the flowers smell so good.