Monday, June 23, 2008

Jeremy and I bought a picnic tote from Bed Bath & Beyond with our gift cards. I tried to find a picture of it on their website, but I guess they don't sell it anymore because I couldn't find it. The tote is great. It's insulated and came with four plates, cups, sets of silverware, and has enough room for plenty of food (and even a bottle of wine on the side). For the past two weeks on Sunday evenings we've picnicked in a park down by the river not far from our house. It's been a nice break from schoolwork, especially since the weather has been so beautiful.

This week, I brought a bunch of food that I could eat with my new mustard that I bought this weekend. It's blueberry mustard! And it's pretty good - you can definitely taste both the mustard flavor and the blueberries. We went to the Secret City Festival over in Oak Ridge and I bought it from a vendor there. We also got raspberry honey jelly from another vendor. Anyways, the mustard was pretty sweet, but really good with cheddar cheese and ritz crackers. It may become my new food obsession.

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Melissa said...

Mmmm! Those sounds great! My birthday is coming up... ;>)