Sunday, June 01, 2008

Post Wedding Stuff

The wedding is over without any major hitches. The only minor thing that went wrong was the cake - it was supposed to be white chocolate raspberry but the flighty cake girl made white cake with white icing. It was still good, just not what we had agreed on. Guess that's what happens when you find someone on Craig's List... Since I had to return the cake stand to her I mentioned the flavor mishap to her. She ended up making me and Jeremy a 6 inch white chocolate raspberry cake for our one year anniversary. We decided, however, to go ahead and eat it now since we have the white cake for our anniversary and we'd rather eat the good cake when it's still good and not frozen and a year old.

It's. very. good. I'm a little disappointed we couldn't have had it at the wedding. But I guess since no one knows how good it is but us, they don't know what they're missing. Plus, Jeremy made a good point - had we had it at the wedding we would have only eaten one slice apiece. But, since she screwed up, we get the six inch cake to ourselves! More than a slice apiece!

Yesterday we went to spend all the gift cards we got for Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, where we were registered. After the wedding we get 10% off our registry, but it's a one time deal only. We made lists of the stuff we really wanted and set out to shop. Target was easy. We printed the registry, it said whether or not the items were in the store, and what aisles everything was in. We were in and out pretty quickly.

Bed Bath and Beyond, however, was a different story. We set out to buy 6 things. Because of a poor registry system and incompetent staff it took us much longer there than at Target where we easily bought 5 times as many items. I would highly recommend shopping and/or registering at Target over Bed Bath and Beyond any day.

Tomorrow I start back in the academic world. I had a completely pointless orientation Friday. We learned out to check our email! And use blackboard! Woohoo! It looks like I'll be pretty busy this month, though. Not sure how I feel about that yet.


allie said...

Question. Did you and Jeremy have to return anything to Target and not have a gift receipt? Cory's cousin said that she was unable to return something (it was a double) to target because she didn't have a receipt.

Melissa said...

That cake sounds yummy! Good thing I'm dieting or I'd gone home and make it myself. :) Maybe another time. I noticed that it wasn't what you'd ordered, but everyone seemed to like it anyway.

I'd love to hear about Portland!

Have fun with all your gifts! I hope the card was still stuck to the rock. If not, call me. Congratulations, again! Oh- BTW both boys have mentioned at different times and places since the wedding-- "It's going to be weird calling Jeremy our uncle now." Thought you'd like that!

Golda said...

No, we didn't have to return anything to Target luckily. We had heard about their bad return policy from others before the wedding, though. I still think they are better than BB & B even with the whole receipt thing.

Betsy! said...

I enjoyed sharing the white chocolate raspberry cake with you two!!!

Becca Anne said...

I am glad you didn't have to return anything because I totally realized when I walked into the reception that I forgot to put the gift receipts in with the gifts, lol. Dad and I used the registry at Target for the gifts and it was really easy and it showed you if something was already bought so that there weren't any doubles bought.

ggranny36 said...

The gift receipts you get are really nice when you remember to put them in. Target is easy to return when you have a receipt. I use to hate to return. But years ago you had to go thur the inquistion when you returned anything. Martha and my friend from Honduras love to return things. Because in there countries you can never return even if something is broken. They think returning is fun. Nice you got the little cake. I had a piece of Jeremy's cake. I loved his cookies he made for favors.

Anonymous said...

I was so stuffed with the sweet taters...I really didn't care about the cake. When the cake was being served, I was trying to sniff out more sweet taters. Got run out of the kitchen and had to settle for some cake. Had a piece of both and thought they were great. Glad you got a freebie cake.