Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now that I'm back in school, I've remembered how much I like to listen to music while I write papers or procrastinate doing schoolwork. However, I have a new computer and while I could copy my music from my old computer over to this one or listen to my ipod or CDs, I have instead decided to rediscover my love for downloading music. Except this time I'm perfectly legal. I recently remembered that UT students can use Ruckus for free and I have fully taken advantage of this deal. For the past two and a half years I haven't downloaded any music, which makes it hard to discover new artists I like. I certainly do not want to buy a whole CD if I don't know if I like it, plus BMG doesn't carry a lot of artists I want. Also, I by no means want me pay to download songs on itunes because, well, that costs money and I'm cheap. I would greatly appreciate musical suggestions from people. What do I need to hear?


bmk589 said...

I love Ruckus! I have thousands of songs on I my computer that I never listen to, but it's great! You've probably heard of some or I've probably mentioned some of these already:

1) Robin Thicke
2) Remy Shand
3) Sharon Jones
4) Craig David
5) Eli "Paperboy" Reed
6) Regina Spektor
7) Peter Bjorn and John
8) Ben Harper
9) Heavy Trash (weird, but I like the self-titled album)
10) Amos Lee
11) Catfish Haven

They are all different types, so you should find something you like. And they're all on Ruckus b/c that's where I got them. Let me know if you like any or want more suggestions.


Golda said...

Thanks Brian! I hadn't heard of most of them and I always like finding new music to listen to.

Allie said...

now all you need it tunebite so that you can actually put the music on your ipod