Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wedding Pictures

Hello to everyone from the newlyweds! We had a great trip to Portland, Oregon where we got to relax and have fun, and see the greate northwest. We stayed at Mcmenamin's Edgefield, where we got to try various beers and wines they make on site, as well as play at the par-3 golf course (we are not golfers). We also took a trip out to the coast one day, where it was cold and windy and rainy (go figure), and a short drive up to Mt St Helens (where it was even colder, windier, and snowy). We also got to see the Portland Zoo, the Art Museum, Powell's City of Books, and ate a LOT of really good food.

Things are finally staring to settle down now, the house is slowly getting back in order from the many gifts we had to find places for. We finally got our wedding pictures back the other day, and I've gone through and upload the good ones to here. Use the username "wedding" and the password "photos" to get access to them. Sorry for the password, but I had to keep google from stealing the pictures.

My birthday was yesterday, so we had a little party with a few friends over. I swear we had more food after everyone left than we started with... I dont know how that works. Golda has started the masters program in Socal Work at UT now, so other than classes, not much else to report.

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