Saturday, August 02, 2008

So by now the church shooting that happened here in Knoxville last Sunday is pretty much old news. It's been all over the media. It is weird to read the Washington Post and see articles about Knoxville. I knew some people who go to the church it happened at, but they were not there Sunday, luckily. Sad that it takes something as atrocious as this to bring the different faith communities of Knoxville together, but there has been much support for TVUUC since the shooting and that is nice to see.

Also weird to read about the U.P. being in the news for killings. I suppose they technically happened across the river in Wisconsin, or at least some of them, but the guy was from da U.P., in fact, only about an hour from where I lived. We used to play Norway, Kingsford, and Iron Mountain in tennis. Things like that just don't happen up there. Or at least, they didn't while I lived there.


Allie said...

I must be out of the loop. What shootings in the U.P?

Melissa said...

I missed da U.P. shootings also, but did catch a little about the TN church shooting. I didn't know it was in Knoxville until a few days later and I knew it wasn't your church. I figured if it affected you or your friends you'd call about it or I'd read about it on here. I'm glad to know that you and your friends weren't there!