Friday, October 31, 2008

Last weekend Jeremy and I went to our first (and most likely last) Tennessee football game. We had been planning on going to a game once I was a student, but then they started charging for the tickets and we nixed that idea. We didn't care enough to spend money. Last Friday I was at my field placement at school when someone who works for the college of social work (CSW) walked into my office and offered me two free tickets to the game. I decided it was high time Jeremy and I went, since people keep telling us we need to "experience" a UT game because they're so awesome (according to Knoxville people). Oh, and we'd get to eat (free) dinner at the CSW tailgating tent before the game. Free tickets, free meal, we were in.

UT was playing Alabama, so it was supposedly a big game. Older people think Alabama is UT's rival, younger people think Florida is. I don't think any team is UT's rival because how can rivals change all the time? I don't get it. Anyways, we dressed in layers and went to the game. UT's stadium is on campus. Campus is dry. Except football game days. It's still dry, but no one cares that everyone drinks out in the open. You just can't bring it into the stadium. I don't get it. We ate, went into the stadium, watched football, froze. The game wasn't very good and people were drunk and obnoxious. They're supposedly fans of UT, but they were pretty mean to their team. I don't get it. We left in the 3rd quarter because we were cold and didn't care about the game.

Overall, not a life changing experience. It was just another football game. I don't get why everyone here says you must "experience a UT game because there isn't anything like it." There is. It's called every other Division I team in the nation.... Yes, their stadium is huge, but it's still not much different than any other stadium. Plus, they don't have any crazy rituals like Texas A&M... Their games are WEIRD.

I took some pictures, but I can't find my camera cord so I can't post them. And I'm too lazy to really look.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


There are 3 large oak trees in my back yard. I mean large. This is a picture of two of them, and only 2/3 of the trees. I couldn't get far enough back to get the tops of the trees and we have a pretty big back yard.

There is another large oak tree in the back yard on the other side of the house. For about the past month, these trees have been dropping their acorns. Everywhere. Including on the roof. Including in the middle of the night. For the first couple weeks the sound of the acorns hitting the roof would scare me, but now we have finally gotten use to the noise, no longer thinking someone was trying to break in or something was happening. We moved into the house about this time last year, but we don't remember this happening. Someone told me that oak trees only drop their acorns every few years. I guess that would explain the lack of acorns last year because I'm pretty sure we'd remember it happening if it did happen last year.

This is a picture of our back patio, covered in acorns.

And here is what our yard looks like up close. They're everywhere!

We think they're finally letting up. Thank goodness. Anyone know what you're supposed to do with them?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm on a new kick/crusade right now: When you're feeding the masses, please give the people at least somewhat healthy food. For my field placement I'm helping with this reading festival event that a group is putting on for kids in Chattanooga. At the planning meeting a couple weeks ago people were talking about contacting vendors for food and drinks. They're going to contact Coke for some pop, a vendor for Little Debbie snacks, Mayfield for ice cream, and Frito-Lay for chips. Argh. All of those vendors have healthy, or relatively healthy, food but are we asking for those? No! Let's load all the kids up on sugar and processed carbs! That's real good for them...

The second event happened last week at a social justice retreat, also in Chattanooga. We had hotdogs, chips, watermelon, and pop for lunch. Gross. They did have veggie dogs for us vegetarians, but man, are those bad. I did my best and ate two bites, but I just couldn't do it. I gave up and only ate the bun. Seriously, you have a group of adults who are paying to go to this conference (albeit, a small fee) and you're going to feed them hotdogs and chips? I'm not a big hotdog fan (and I can't stand veggie dogs), I generally only eat tortilla chips, and I rarely drink pop. There was some bottled water, but it was gone by the time I got through the line. Altogether, a bad, and unhealthy, lunch.

This past weekend we went to Lutherock for the annual Applefest weekend. Much fun. And much better food that they fed us. There were plenty of fruits and veggies and even good, appetizing vegetarian options. Why can't more places offer nutrious food to the masses? Maybe giving grossly unhealthy food to large groups of people is a southern thing...