Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm a serious slacker when it comes to this thing lately. The semester is winding down. Today was our last day of classes, but both of mine were canceled so last Tuesday was actually my last day of classes. Yesterday was my last day of field until January and I spent three and a half hours of the day at a restaurant with my supervisor and task instructor doing my end of the semester evaluation. I'm sure our server just loved us being there that long. Now I'm just one paper and one grant proposal away from being done with the semester. I can't wait. I'm looking forward to the break.

We went to Texas for Thanksgiving. It was nice to see everyone - we had a great time. Jeremy and I went with my redneck nephews, sisters, and brother-in-law to Bass Pro Shop and Cabela's. I don't think we were quite as excited as the rest of the family, but it ended up being fun. We got a bottle of roasted blackberry chipotle sauce at Bass Pro Shop and Jeremy got a pair of non-redneck shoes at Cabela's. I am obsessed with the sauce and am eating it on everything. The break definitely went by too fast, although it was nice to come home and sleep in my own bed. For two nights. Now we're house and dog sitting for a week.

Yesterday Jeremy and I went to the memorial service for a friend, Lisa, from church. She was only 44 but had type II diabetes and a host of health problems. She was probably the strongest person I have ever met, and the happiest. She will be sorely missed by everyone at our church. She and her family moved here shortly after Jeremy and I did. She helped to start the Supper Clubs at our church, which is where families sign up, are divided into clubs of 3-4 family units, and then take turns meeting at each other's houses for dinner one night a week. Each family unit brings a dish and you just eat and talk. Jeremy and I were in her family's supper club, along with another couple. The supper clubs are a great way to get to know people better, outside of the church setting. We really enjoyed it. And we enjoyed getting to know Lisa and her family. This was the first memorial service/funeral I have ever been to where the person who died was not old. I think because of that it felt different than the other three I have been to. It was a bit sadder.


Charee Louise said...

Golda, I'm sorry to hear about your friend...what a terrible loss.

Allie said...

Cory's church back home has something kind of like the units, they call them clusters. They are a lot bigger than your units, I think they are about 8 families per cluster. They don't get together as much now that the kids are older but they normally still get together for holidays and have parties...I guess when they were younger it was much more often.

I'm sorry to hear about Lisa.