Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Currently, there are three cupcake stores in Knoxville - The Cupcakery, Cities Cupcake, and Magpies. As far as I know, Magpies has been around the longest while the other two only recently opened. Both The Cupcakery and Cities are just down the road from us, Magpies is across town. The Cupcakery is a chain, but I think the other two are local shops. Why am I writing about all this? Well, Jeremy and I recently decided to taste test all three stores to see which one we like the best. Previously, we had only been eating at Cities, since it's close by, but after hearing about the others from friends, we decided to try all and report.

This wasn't a very good study - there were only two of us, the tastings weren't blind, and it was done over a period of time. But it was a lot of fun. Here are the results:

Cities Cupcake - a variety of flavors, both for cakes and frostings. All the cupcakes have a city theme - the Charleston cupcake is coconut flavor, New Orleans is red velvet, etc. Cute idea. The cake there is light, fluffy, and has good flavor. The frosting is not overly sweet, but compliments the cake well. Also, once a week they sell "salty" cupcakes. We have sampled two - the Milwaukee, which had a beer batter "cake" with a cream cheese "frosting" and the Santa Fe, with jalepeno cornbread and ranch-spiced cream cheese. Both were very good.

The Cupcakery - there were less choices here, I felt. Basically only a few cakes and a few frostings and then they mixed and matched. The store had a very trendy vibe to it - they had shirts and baby onesies for sale. The cake was dense and moist, much heavier than that of cities. The frosting was pretty good, although I felt that the cream cheese frosting on Jeremy's cupcake was a little sweet. He liked it.

Magpies - we got there a half hour before they closed so they didn't have much of a selection out so I'm not sure what all they sell. They are a trendy place to go here - located where all the hipsters live. They also sell boxes of mini cupcakes. We bought a dozen mixed - 4 key lime, 4 chocolate peanut butter, and 4 chocolate with cream cheese frosting. The cake here is also very dense and moist. I felt the frosting was too sweet but since we were eating mini cupcakes it wasn't too bad. Had I bought a full sized cupcake it would have been too sweet for me to finish.

Overall, all three were good. It's pretty much just a personal preference if you like dense moist cake or light and fluffy cake. We're probably going to keep going to Cities for most of our cupcakes needs as it is closest, a local place, and we both like their light and fluffy cake.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wise No More

I am now back to having only 28 teeth. My wisdom teeth came in while I was in college but I never had any problems until the past couple of months. Recently they have begun moving my other teeth some so I figured it was time to get them removed. Plus, I still have good dental insurance right now so I wanted to do this before that is gone. They put me under using a whole host of drugs so I really remember nothing at all. My last memory was multiplying 14x13. Then, all of a sudden I was in the car with Jeremy and he was asking me questions. He tells me that we had a conversation at the oral surgeon's office, but I don't remember any of it. All I remember is doing sign language, but I thought that was a dream. It wasn't. I really don't remember putting my fleece back on, or my coat, or my scarf. But I guess I did.

Here is a video Jeremy took when we were stopped at a red light on the way to CVS to get my drugs:

I really don't remember much of that conversation at all. I was still a little woozy.

And here is a picture of the flowers he bought me. He's doing a good job taking care of me. Right now he's making me some pumpkin soup for dinner!

Here he is slaving over a hot stove:

So far I feel fine. I've stopped bleeding for the most part. I'm just a bit groggy because of the hydrocodone they put me on. The doctor said I'd probably feel okay the first couple of days but the third and fourth will be worse so not to over do it early. Tomorrow I'm allowed to begin eating normally.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

School starts tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about that. I'm not ready to get back to the grind and have to wake up early. I rather enjoyed being lazy for a couple of weeks. I am, however, excited about my classes this semester. I'm taking Advanced Policy, Program Evaluation, a seminar in Public Health, and an independent study on community gardening/community supported agriculture. These interest me a great deal more than my classes last semester did. And of course I have field three days a week still. Tomorrow, my first day back, we're going to Chattanooga all day. We have something like four meetings. Oh how I love meetings.

Since I graduate in May, I also need to be looking for a full time job. Unfortunately, these are hard to come by in Knoxville for my concentration. Joy. I'd like to do something with program evaluation but all the job postings I see require a minimum of three years of experience. Not cool. How am I supposed to get experience if no one will let me?