Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My life lately:

* Been fighting off a cold for the past week, I think I won (I hope)
* Comps - 10 essays due by March 13th, I must pass all in order to graduate.
* That's pretty much it.

The weather was really nice last week, but I didn't get to enjoy it because of schoolwork. Post-March 13th should be better. I hope. From talking with other people in my program, I seem to be further along comps-wise than most. I hope to be done by Feb. 27th. Well, have them written. I'll still need to go back and do some editing.

Jeremy and I went out to eat at an Egyptian restaurant called King Tut's Grill for Valentine's Day. We had been there once before but were wanting to go back. It's pretty much a hole in the wall - you'd miss it if you didn't know it was there. Mo (the owner) suggested to pretty much every couple there the same thing - a Greek salad and Egyptian sampler to split - so that's what we got. Seriously, the best Greek salad in Knoxville. Oh, and the place is bring your own wine!

Our electricity went out for 5+ hours Sunday evening/night because power pole fell down the road. That meant no Internet (no homework) and no heat. It wasn't much fun, but luckily we were gone most of the time and it came back on before I went to bed.


Melissa said...

You know, for some reason I like storms and power outages, usually when they happen together. Maybe I like them because they force me to do no homework, watch no tv, not play on my laptop, etc. Instead I get to just spend some great quality time with my kids (impulsiveness!). That's something I can never get enough of, even though I plan for it to happen quite frequently.

Yes, haha, I do plan my quality time with my kids and Shaun. I have to! Otherwise it wouldn't happen and I'd always feel overwhelmed. At least Shaun is becoming a better househusband (!) which gives me a little more freedom to do more with him and the boys too. I should mention he's gotten much better at FOLDING and PUTTING Away the laundry after he washes it!!! He used to wash it once in a while but then either leave it for me to fold, which didn't happen often, or fold it in the basement and then it would never get put away. Now it gets folded in my room and he's encouraging the boys to put their own clothes away. Amazing! I've taught him something and it's stuck!

Anyway, good luck with your papers. I have a couple horrible tests coming up this week... lots of reading and studying to be done.

Allie said...

G.ross. how long is each essay? I surprisingly don't mind writing essays too much, however I think if I had 10 to write I might change my mind.

Last summer the power went out at Cory's parents house for about 36 hours, his grandma was without power for like a week! Luckily it was in the summer and not winter. We had a graduation party to go to down the block right after it went out so that was kind of interesting.

Golda said...

The essays are only 500 words, but it can be hard trying to condense everything I need to write in a page and a half. They're not fun, that's for sure. I'd rather take a test.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy B-day toooooo youuuuuuu!!!!!! Love ya