Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Contrary to what my classmates in undergrad believed, I don't hate little kids. I just don't love them. I'm really pretty neutral about small children. I can take them or leave them. Now I like kids that I know and kids that I'm related to. I'm just talking about children I don't know here. That being said, for some reason small children I don't know seem to love me. I don't know why. I never thought I put off any "Hey, little kids! Come to me and play!" vibes. But apparently I do.

When I was in Kenya 4 years ago (has it really been that long!?), we went to some orphanages and for some reason the small children loved me. More than once a child would run up to me and then not leave my side. I didn't mind, but I didn't get it either. This past weekend we were at a cookout at Jeremy's boss's house and one of his coworkers was there with his wife and 18ish month old daughter. For some reason the daughter really liked me and kept wanting me to play with her. The parents even asked (half jokingly, I think) if I was available for babysitting.

This all just struck me as interesting because I have friends who just LOVE kids - they would and could spend all their time playing with kids. I'm not like that. So why do small children like me so much?

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Melissa said...

I got to that point after having Shane. I realized how crazy and undisciplined some people's children were. In fact I had even stopped babysitting as a teen because I didn't like the kids I was hired to watch. Now I am still the same way. It's very rare that I offer or am available to watch other people's children. I haven't particularly enjoyed church callings where I've been asked to be in the nursery or with other children. I do best with teens and adults. I just really don't like being with kids. I currently teach a Sunday School class of 14-15 year olds. I love this age because they are smart and communicative. Small children just don't give me the spiritual stimulation I need.

Having your own kids may not change this. In fact, having my kids made me realize that I didn't want them to act like other kids. :) I think that's why they are usually well behaved. Not always, but usually. I just had this conversation with my friend Heather last weekend! She just happens to be pregnant and due the same day as me, after years of trying!