Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The local Kroger recently rearranged some of its aisles, meaning that Jeremy and I, and some other lady, could not for the life of us find the mac and cheese. It was in the bulk food section, of course. We should have thought to look there... Anyways, the next time we went to the store we ran across this in the "foreign food" section:

Turns out our neighborhood Kroger now has a British food section, complete with Coffee Crisps and Aero bars! I may or may not have freaked out in the grocery store over the Coffee Crisps.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Funny story (kind of ) - Last week I decided I was going to make pizza for dinner. I also decided that instead of making the normal white crust we usually have, I'd make a whole wheat crust. I got out the whole wheat flour, made the crust, and we ate the pizza. Jeremy kept saying how good the crust was, and I agreed. A few days later Jeremy decides to make some whole wheat bread while I'm at work. I get home and he asks me why the rye flour is out. The rye flour and whole wheat flour have the same color bag. Turns out I made a rye pizza crust on accident! I made the whole wheat crust for real this past Friday, turns out we like the rye crust better.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I planted some tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in my front yard and last Wednesday, my first two little tomatoes appeared! This is a picture taken of them the next day - they grow up so fast!

As of this morning I counted 5 beefsteak tomatoes, and I think 6 roma tomatoes. Also, my cilantro and dill look almost ready to eat!