Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The local Kroger recently rearranged some of its aisles, meaning that Jeremy and I, and some other lady, could not for the life of us find the mac and cheese. It was in the bulk food section, of course. We should have thought to look there... Anyways, the next time we went to the store we ran across this in the "foreign food" section:

Turns out our neighborhood Kroger now has a British food section, complete with Coffee Crisps and Aero bars! I may or may not have freaked out in the grocery store over the Coffee Crisps.


Melissa said...

My turn to freak out.... DIGESTIVES!!!!!! (Look at your picture again.) I had these "biscuits" in Ireland and had to find some in the U.S. In Ireland they sell them at gas stations, seriously. Of course finding some wasn't easy around here and I couldn't exactly figure out where in Lawrence, KS they are sold (later found out again-- World Foods-- haha!). So, I bought them online. There is now a good-sized box of biscuits/cookies in my room beside my bed. It will be there throughout my pregnancy, I'm sure. If you need to make your tummy better...buy the ginger nut Digestives. They're worth it! I have some at work now too. :) Their other flavors are ok too.

Golda said...

Melissa, I'm reading a book that is set in the UK right now and digestives were mentioned! I might have to try them sometime.

Melissa said...

Haha! They are even mentioned in a book? Too funny! They're a bit bland but that's why I like them right now. The ginger nuts aren't bland though.