Monday, July 20, 2009

This past weekend, Jeremy and I went on a little backpacking trip. We originally planned on doing a really short, easy trail in Cumberland Mountain State park. Jeremy called them on Thursday to ask some questions and said we were planning on doing the trail that weekend. When we got there Friday morning the lady at the office told us the overnight trail was closed. We were a little upset that no one told Jeremy that on Thursday, but got in the car to figure out a new plan. Another state park, Fall Creek Falls, wasn't too far away, so we drove down there. When we got there the Nature Center, where you fill out the back country permits, was closed for an hour for lunch. We waited. And waited. During that time we at least found out that they had two different overnight trails, 12 miles and 13 miles. We decided on the 13 mile trail since it was easier. The nature center finally opened, we filled out a permit, and were on our way, only about 2.5 hours later than we planned on hitting the trail.

We ended up doing more hiking than we planned on, but it was still fun. We had the campsite to ourselves and never even saw anyone else on the trail. We did, however, see a lot of mushrooms. Not many flowers or wildlife, but man were there mushrooms! Here are some pictures:

We also, unfortunately, saw a lot of ticks, mostly deer ticks. Jeremy pulled out 14 in him and I had 3. That doesn't count the countless other ticks that were just on us and our clothes, not actually embedded in us. I have never seen ticks that bad! For your viewing pleasure, here is Jeremy, burning a wood tick out of his leg:


Melissa said...

You seriously burned the ticks? We just pull them out with tweezers.

I've never seen such colorful mushrooms around here! The yellow ones are facinating. Could any of them be eaten? Probably not but thought you might know. The first picture looked like a bird bath so I had to look at it again to see it was a mushroom.

Golda said...

Holding a hot match head to the tick is a good way to make sure it all comes out and you don't leave in the head. We didn't burn them all out, just some of the wood ticks. The rest we removed with tweezers.

And we didn't try to eat any of the mushrooms, I don't think any of them were edible. Or at least, we didn't want to find out!