Saturday, August 01, 2009

I noticed the other day that I'm pretty much only eating foods in the white to orange section of the color wheel. I first realized this on Thursday when I ate an English muffin with a fried egg, a banana, and orange juice for breakfast and then for lunch had an English muffin with laughing cow cheese, carrots, and cantaloupe. To make it worse, here is my dinner from last night:

That's oven "fried" squash and yellow sweet rice. For dessert, we had cantaloupe cream pie. All yellow and orange again. My favorite part, however, is that the squash and cantaloupe came from people at church. I love summer because everyone brings in their extra food for whomever wants it. We've also gotten tomatoes and cucumbers this way.

Anyways, to break up the monotony of our food, I bought some green beans from the cutest vendors at the Farmer's Market today. We try to buy as much as possible from a family farm that sends who I'm guessing are their sons to sell the produce. They are two awkward teenage boys who very well may be home schooled. And they always wear long sleeve button down shirts with their name and farm name embroidered on them and wranglers. They're way cuter than all the hippy/trendy looking vendors. Plus today, the better salesmen of the two gave us a free potato to cook with our green beans and free samples of their red clover blossom tea. Which then led us to buy a small bag of the tea. He's good.


Melissa said...

LOL I like that you choose the vendor because they are "the cutest." Good reasoning. :) I love your menu! Want to come cook for me? I'm sure Shaun wouldn't mind a break and I'd love to try out your recipes!

Anonymous said...

What do you eat for purple foods? Purple is an important color!


Golda said...

Um, I made blackberry frozen yogurt a few weeks ago. It was pretty purple.