Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jeremy and I were able to cross two things off our "Knoxville Bucket List" this past week. Jeremy has a fellowship this year and for it they've had to go to a conference and workshop the past two weeks. They also have "social events" in which they are allowed to invite spouses. The first social event was a dinner cruise on one of the riverboats in town. The fellowship paid for him so we only had to pay for me. We ended up being glad we didn't have to pay for both of us because it wasn't as much fun as expected. The ride was only an hour and a half and the food was a taco bar. Not very exciting at all and not worth the price if you're paying for both people. They have other tours with different food, but it still wasn't as great as we hoped for.

The second "social event" was a minor league baseball game yesterday. I've been wanting to go to one for a while so this was a good reason to. Plus, we ended up not having to pay for my ticket since some people didn't show up. It was fun, even though our team, the Tennessee Smokies, lost pretty badly. Turns out we're the AA team for the Chicago Cubs. I never knew that before. They also have buy-one-ticket-get-one-free deals for Tuesday and Thursday games so we might go back. Also, on the back of every ticket was a coupon for a free hotdog at Pilot stations and when we walked in, everyone got a scratch off ticket for something from Pilot. Jeremy was very excited today to redeem his free hotdog and mayfield ice cream coupons for his lunch.

We still have a lot more things we want to do before we potentially move in a year. Maybe we should make an actual list sometime.

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Make a spreadsheet! Or edit the one you made for when visited!