Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That Good Ol' Baylor Line...

Classes started here at UT last Wednesday so all last week the campus was busy with people moving in, students buying books, freshman trying to figure out their way around campus. Friday night they (who "they is, I'm not sure) had free pool, bowling, table tennis, etc, at the University Center. I'm guessing it was to entice all the new students to spend Friday nights there in the future when it wasn't free.

Anyways, Jeremy and I went and enjoyed some free pool and people watched the freshmen and other students. Watching the freshmen reminded me how much I hated my first semester at Baylor, especially those first few weeks. I was so far from home, so far from my friends, I knew no one. And on top of that, there was this immense culture shock of being in Texas with all those Baptists and it was so hot. Those first few weekends were awkward. You'd hang out with people you met, people on your floor of the dorm, but you didn't really know them so you were forced to meet all these people, kind of picking and choosing who you thought you'd mesh with. Also, a lot of people went home those first few weekends, leaving me and other out-of-staters alone in our rooms.

Man am I glad those days are over and that I never have to be a freshman in college again.

However, the more I thought about new school years, the more I realized how much I loved the beginning of my sophomore-senior years of college. I loved going back to Baylor and seeing all my friends and roommates I hadn't seen in a few months. By this time I had good friends, I knew my way around campus, I had a major I was thoroughly enjoying, and I had adapted (somewhat) to the Texas heat. Life was great.

Jeremy and I are going to Baylor for Homecoming this year and I am really excited. I have only been back to Baylor once since graduating and Jeremy hasn't at all. I know at least two of my roommates are going to be there, along with other friends I haven't seen in a while.

However bad that first semester was, I'm glad I stuck it out. Although, I never thought about transferring closer to home. Now, after experiencing a different university, I am so happy I went to Baylor. It is such a great community and school. I can't imagine what my life would be like had I gone elsewhere.


Aniko and Zsolt said...

Hey Guys! We are going to be there at Homecoming! We should get together. Are you coming to Dallas? Let us know!

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