Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Letters

Dear rabbit digging under our house all night,

Please stop. I recognized that you're a hard worker and that it's probably warm under our house, but please, please stop. If you could do your digging during the day, or not at all, we'd be much happier, and more well rested.

The Residents of the House

Dear Landlords,

Remember when you said you found a rabbit hole near our house and you were going to do something about it? We'd appreciate it if you did. I might just lose my sanity if this night time digging doesn't stop soon, making it harder for us to pay rent.

Your Renters

Dear Nephews,

Please come visit soon and bring your dad and his guns. We are willing to let you shoot the rabbits living under and near our house. You can even keep the meat and the furs, to match the one you already have. And while we are in the city limits, we are willing to break a law or two to allow you to hunt these rabbits. I've heard two late night gun shots in our neighborhood recently so what's the big deal about shooting pesky rabbits?

Your Aunt and Uncle

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Women's Basketball (Go Lady Bears!)

A month or so ago Jeremy and I finally got around to visiting the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame here in Knoxville. We got some free tickets through freecycle, but it took us a while to have a free Saturday. The museum was interesting, but I don't know if I'd necessarily go if we hadn't gotten the free passes. Although it was nice to see stuff about the Baylor Lady Bears in the museum. Their coach (Kim Mulkey) was inducted sometime in recent years and there were pictures of the 2005 national championship team (my junior year). I did think that there was too much stuff devoted to Tennessee's team, in my opinion.

The Lady Bears and Lady Vols are playing next Sunday here in Knoxville and Jeremy and I bought tickets to the game. I'm very excited! It should be a pretty good game since both teams are ranked high and it's the season opener for both teams. I'm a little disappointed, however, because there isn't a section for the away team's fan. I was hoping to get to sit with other Baylor fans. Oh well. It was funny though, because one day at work I was telling my coworker that I would NEVER go to a Lady Vols game and then two hours later I got an email from Baylor about the game here in Knoxville. Oops, guess I WILL see a Lady Vols game after all.

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Hall of Fame: