Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Letters

Dear rabbit digging under our house all night,

Please stop. I recognized that you're a hard worker and that it's probably warm under our house, but please, please stop. If you could do your digging during the day, or not at all, we'd be much happier, and more well rested.

The Residents of the House

Dear Landlords,

Remember when you said you found a rabbit hole near our house and you were going to do something about it? We'd appreciate it if you did. I might just lose my sanity if this night time digging doesn't stop soon, making it harder for us to pay rent.

Your Renters

Dear Nephews,

Please come visit soon and bring your dad and his guns. We are willing to let you shoot the rabbits living under and near our house. You can even keep the meat and the furs, to match the one you already have. And while we are in the city limits, we are willing to break a law or two to allow you to hunt these rabbits. I've heard two late night gun shots in our neighborhood recently so what's the big deal about shooting pesky rabbits?

Your Aunt and Uncle


Anonymous said...

I love the IDEA!!!!Shaun

Anonymous said...

Hummmmm.....rabbit stew???? When I was in Afghaistan 2 rabbits hopped into our villa in March, just as spring was arriving. By July, there were 38 rabbits all from the original 2. We were being over run by the furry little critters.
We finally let the Afghani staff take care of them and they did. I'm sure there was a lot of rabbit stew eaten after that.
Good idea, get rid of them quick before they begin gnawing on the frame work of the house. It would be a hell of a note to come home oneday and find them sitting on your couch, watching TV and asking when supper will be ready.
Put out a contract on them immediatly before they are fighting you for your carrots.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about your situation. I think it's best if you called in them 2 thugs from the Little know, Shane aka...Lucky Linenberger and Logie Perogie. Have them "resolve" the rabbit problem before it gets out of hand.
I understand they work cheap and know how to keep their mouths shut. Consider this as some anonymous advice.
Something to think about.

No Worries