Monday, December 07, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Saturday Jeremy and I helped hang up the greens at church. Well, Jeremy helped hang them, I stayed on the ground and arranged poinsettias and "fluffed" the greens. I'm not sure I did a very good job - I kept telling them they had the wrong person for the job. My decorating skills are lacking. Anyways, this helped to motivate us to pull out our own decorations and get a tree. Slowly but surely we're building up an ornament collection.

It's a little scraggly in places, but hey, we didn't want to pay $15 more for a tree that wasn't! We bought it from a tree lot not far from our house. It was a local place, I don't even think it was affiliated with any business, just a tree lot in the middle of a parking lot. They were really nice and helpful - the guy even tied it to the car for us - something that didn't happen last year when we bought the tree at Lowe's.

In other Christmas news I've been in a dessert making frenzy. Between the Advent potluck at church Wednesday, our work party Friday afternoon, and No Room at the Inn at church on Friday night it's been a busy week. The hardest part, though, is not eating all the cookies!


Anonymous said...

Baking cookies is the best part of Christmas. Want me to send you some??? I think you tree looks great! I did something I said I'd never do the other day. I broke down and with much humiliation bought an artifical tree.
Can't have cut trees in an apartment complex the whole fire safety thing. So I gave in and bought a small 3 foot tree.
Last year I decorated my 5 foot coffee tree and I must say it looked very nice with all the lights on it and the decorations.
Merry Christmas.

Allie said...

your tree looks better than ours. I'm SO excited for Christmas food!! YUM!

Melissa said...

Food? Did someone say food? I can't eat enough! :) Yes, food and family will be the best parts of our Christmas!

Dad-every year, multiple times, Shaun tries to talk me into an artificial tree. Maybe you should explain to him that it's just not kosher! I CAN'T do an artificial tree. Even if it makes me sneeze!

Golda- the way it's going here you might get to "fluff" my decorations as well! We've got the boxes up but nothing up yet. I'm hoping that we'll get the tree this weekend so we have somewhere to put the gifts that hopefully we'll wrap.

Allie said...

mmm food. I don't like artificial trees. I don't think they are as happy. And they don't smell good, or at all for that matter. I'm getting excited!