Wednesday, February 17, 2010

King Tut's

For Valentine's day Jeremy and I went to a quirky Egyptian restaurant in town called King Tut's. We also went there last year for V-Day. And we've been there a handful of other times. It's quite an interesting place. First of all, it's located in a tiny building in not the best neighborhood. If you didn't know it was there, you might not notice it. Also, it never looks like it's open, even though it is.

The restaurant is ran by a couple, the husband, Mo, works the front of the house and his wife cooks. Mo always suggests pretty much the same thing to everyone - a Greek salad and the Egyptian sampler to share between two people. He claims the Greek salad is the best in Knoxville and I'd have to say I agree. It's the best I've ever had. On V-Day when we were there we suggested the salad and sampler, like always, but he was also suggesting each couple get the stuffed tilapia, which was that night's special. Jeremy and I stuck to our usual since we knew the salad and sampler were enough to fill us and bring home some leftovers. As usual, we weren't disappointed.

One of the best parts of the King Tut's is it's bring your own wine. Always a good way to save some money. If you don't bring alcohol, you can always get a soft drink or water served in vases. Yes, drinks are served in vases. Part of the quirkiness. Also, the tables are crammed in the small dining space. We were sitting rather close to the people at the booth next to us. Slightly awkward. Mo also performs magic tricks occasionally. Once while we were there he tricked a guy into singing karaoke. Never a dull moment.

Oh, one thing about King Tut's that should be noted is it's cash or check only. We saw no less than three guys leave to go get cash so they could pay. Oops.

After our meal we went to UT for a free concert put on by the UT symphony orchestra. It was fun, and I appreciated that they put in the length of each selection in the program. I always get so anxious not knowing how long a song is going to last.


Anonymous said...

King Tits is the best!!!! I was converted to Greek Salad with feta cheese there. I never liked it much until I tasted the Salad Mrs Mo made.
You have to say that the place is unique and has a lot of personality.
Mo is the best....he tells you what you want for dinner which again is very unique.
Higly recommend the would be perfect for Diners Drive ins and Dives to visit there.

Anonymous said...

ooopssss meant King Tuts. Missed spelled a word and it could be fatal.

Charee said...

that sounds good...I love all salad.