Friday, February 26, 2010

Let it Snow

When I was a small child, like 4-7ish I used to always wish for it to snow on my birthday. Whenever I threw a penny into a fountain or blew out my birthday candles or whenever else you can make a wish, that's what I wished for. I mean, what else is there to wish for when you're that age? A pony?

For years I forgot about that wish until my freshman year at Baylor. The night of February 24th into the morning of the 25th, my 19th birthday, we got a snow/ice storm and campus was closed on my birthday and all classes were cancelled! Finally after all those years my birthday wish paid off!

Again this year, we were driving home the night of the 24th and it was snowing - enough for the ground at our house to get a dusting. I woke up the morning of the 25th and it was snowing then too - big fat flakes. It snowed all the way into work and supposedly was snowing while I was in court. By the time we got out of court after 12pm the snow had stopped and all the snow on the ground had melted. It was nice while it lasted though.

I have decided that I need to put a time frame on my wishes. I mean, I haven't wished for it to snow on my birthday since I was probably about 6-7. 15-20 years is a little long to wait for a wish to come true. For now on, I will be more specific with my wishes.


Anonymous said...

When we lived in San probably were too young to remember but it snowed/sleeted on your Birthday. The entire city was shut down for about 3 days.
You went outside with your sisters and slipped on the ice and bruised your lip and face. I have a picuture of you with a swollen lip and you look so helpless.
Becareful what you wish for...remember you are moving to Maine.

Golda said...

I remember that and it wasn't on my birthday. I distinctly remember telling people about it and saying it iced/snowed but not on my birthday. That is probably were the wish stemmed from.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't exactly on your was darn close. Your grandparents were coming down from Springfield, MO and got stuck in Oklahoma until the roads were cleared.