Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ice Cream, with a Twist

There is a newish ice cream place in Knoxville called Chill Custom Creamery. Jeremy and I tried it out yesterday and I must say, I was pleased. It's different than any other ice cream place I've been to. When you enter, you choose either a vanilla, chocolate, or soy liquid base. You then go done a buffet line and add whatever flavors, candies, or cookies you want. At the end they freeze and blend it using liquid nitrogen so that you essentially made your own, unique ice cream. It's a really neat concept. They price it by weight so you can add as much or as little as you want, depending on how much you want to pay at the end.

I made a raspberry, marshmellow-y ice cream with chocolate add ins such as brownie bites, snickers, and oreos. Jeremy did a peanut butter theme for his. Both were really good. We'll probably go back sometime soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's the opposite of an ode?

Because whatever it is, that's what I'm writing to my oven. I hate my oven. For a while we didn't think it was pre-heating to the correct temperature so we bought a thermometer and sure enough, it wasn't getting hot enough. I ended up having to set it to about 15-35 degrees hotter so it would get to the right temperature. It worked fine that way for a while, but now it's gone crazy. A few weeks ago I set it to 380 so that it would heat to 350, like normal, but instead it heated to 385. Two weeks ago I set it to 425 and it beeped at 300. No matter what temperature I set it to it wouldn't get above 400. The next day it was fine and heated normally. Yesterday I set it to 350 and it beeped at 295. I turned off the oven, set it again and it worked fine, heated to 350.

I can't wait until we get our own place and can buy our own appliances.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gary Paulsen

Last week Jeremy and I went to see Gary Paulsen, the author of Hatchet and many other books, speak at UT. He was quite entertaining - more so than I expected. Apparently he doesn't do many public events. He talked mostly about his life, including growing up in Minnesota to abusive, alcoholic parents, how he started writing, racing sled dogs, and the like. He's a very interesting guy. Some of the stories were a little, er, colorful and I'm not sure if all the parents of the children in the room appreciated that, but I think the kids did. He was pretty funny.

I loved Hatchet when I was a kid. I think I've only read one other of the Brian series though. Jeremy had never read Hatchet until a couple years ago! I found out he hadn't read it and freaked out. He also never read My Side of the Mountain. I made him go to the library and get both. I guess he was too busy reading sci-fi as a kid to read the classics...

I bought Gary Paulsen's new book at the event and was going to get him to sign it, but the line was ridiculously long. I swear every 4-7th grader in the area must have been in it. After waiting for about 20 minutes and knowing that it would probably be about an hour more, we left. It was already 8:30pm by that time and we had stuff we needed to get done that night. I was a little disappointed, but I knew we really needed to leave.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Play Ball

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I noticed some elementary age children at the community center across from the courthouse playing touch football. I immediately wanted to join them. I miss recess. I really do. There should be a part of the work day for adults that is designated to just run around and have fun.

That same afternoon Jeremy and I went to some soccer fields to look around. Our church and another one are teaming together for a day of community service and we're looking at fixing up the grounds of the soccer fields. As we were leaving a bunch of kids were arriving for practice. For the second time that day, I again wished I could join in. I miss playing sports. I told Jeremy it was a good thing we weren't looking at tennis courts or I'd REALLY want to play.