Friday, March 05, 2010

Play Ball

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I noticed some elementary age children at the community center across from the courthouse playing touch football. I immediately wanted to join them. I miss recess. I really do. There should be a part of the work day for adults that is designated to just run around and have fun.

That same afternoon Jeremy and I went to some soccer fields to look around. Our church and another one are teaming together for a day of community service and we're looking at fixing up the grounds of the soccer fields. As we were leaving a bunch of kids were arriving for practice. For the second time that day, I again wished I could join in. I miss playing sports. I told Jeremy it was a good thing we weren't looking at tennis courts or I'd REALLY want to play.

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Melissa said...

This is exactly why you need to have kids! Then you have a reason to play all the time and people won't think you're some pervert playing with their kids at the park. Just saying.