Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's the opposite of an ode?

Because whatever it is, that's what I'm writing to my oven. I hate my oven. For a while we didn't think it was pre-heating to the correct temperature so we bought a thermometer and sure enough, it wasn't getting hot enough. I ended up having to set it to about 15-35 degrees hotter so it would get to the right temperature. It worked fine that way for a while, but now it's gone crazy. A few weeks ago I set it to 380 so that it would heat to 350, like normal, but instead it heated to 385. Two weeks ago I set it to 425 and it beeped at 300. No matter what temperature I set it to it wouldn't get above 400. The next day it was fine and heated normally. Yesterday I set it to 350 and it beeped at 295. I turned off the oven, set it again and it worked fine, heated to 350.

I can't wait until we get our own place and can buy our own appliances.


Anonymous said...

2 things in the kitchen you NEVER, ever trust are: #1 the temperature settings on the oven...they always lie. Always have an oven thermometer inside you oven and adjust the settings to it. #2 the temperature inside your fridge. Invest in a inexpensive fridge thermomter it will pay for itself real fast if you are having problems with food freezing in the back of the fridge or the inside of the fridge being too warm.

Allie said...

Our oven heats WAY too hot all the time. We have to set it about 25 degrees cooler to get it to heat to the correct temp. And I'm sure it doesn't help my liking of it that we can only use 2 burners of it on a regular basis because the other 2 are right next to the wall. literally, no gap between the stove and the wall. Cory scorched the wall pretty good the other day by having the burner on high. Also, I think I tell Cory at least every other day that I can't wait until we have our own place (and a bigger place in general) your last little bit reminded me of me :)

Melissa said...

We always have had simular problems in our rentals. Our kitchen was the biggest place we spent money when we built this house. There are changes we'd make in the cabinetry but we wouldn't trade our appliances for anything! Although I think I'd be happy to go back to an electric stove top. I worry too much about the gas.