Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I feel like all I've been doing lately is packing and working. And if I'm not doing either of those I'm feeling guilty for not packing. The truck comes tomorrow and Jeremy is going to load what he can while I'm at work. Then Friday some friends are coming over to help with the rest of it. As social protocol dictates, we will provide the helpers with their choice of a PS3 or mountain bike (name that show. Saturday morning we roll out of here on the way to Jeremy's family in Pennsylvania.

It seems like there is so much I need to get done between now and then. I really just want to be in Maine already with all our stuff. Next time we move, I sure hope we can get movers. Side note, being a professional mover would have to be the worst job ever.

We're rapidly running out of food I want to eat in the house. I can't wait until I'm stocking my shelves instead of trying to eat everything so we don't have to move it. We're starting to get creative with what we eat when. I had leftover black bean enchiladas and I believe Jeremy had a meatloaf lean cuisine for breakfast.

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