Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bizarro Land Lowe's

We made it to Maine. It was so nice to finally arrive and know we didn't have to drive that Penske truck anymore. Luckily we had great weather and great traffic for almost the entire trip. It rained yesterday, but held off while we got the truck unloaded. Some people from the Lutheran church in town came over to help us unload, which was very much appreciated. There was no way we could have done it by ourselves! Now it's just time to unpack, which is coming along slowly but surely.

We made a trip to Lowe's yesterday for some stuff we needed. Turns out there are only a couple of overhead lights here so we needed to buy some lamps. It was the most bizarre Lowe's trip ever. First, when we arrived, a guy greeted us and asked us if we needed help finding anything. When we told him what we were there for, he pointed us in exactly the right direction. Then, as we were walking that way, another employee said hello to us. We also saw another Lowe's worker asking other people if they needed help! What's going on? To make things even weirder, we saw numerous other Lowe's employees working and looking as if they like their jobs! Freaky! When we finally got to the lamp area the lady who worked in lamps came over to help us! It was so weird!

You might not think this is odd, but it's very different to the Lowe's back in Knoxville we shopped at. We could NEVER find anyone to help us and when we did, they never actually knew too well what was going on. Plus they always seemed to hate their jobs and all customers. Once we had to wait about 10-15 minutes while finding someone so we could get a piece of wood cut. When the guy finally did come, we acted as if it was such an inconvenience. Another time we were trying to buy a door, were standing in the door area actively looking through the little book thing, obviously had questions, and were acting confused, all while two Lowe's employees sat nearby shooting the breeze, completely oblivious to all nearby customers. Hence why we usually tried to shop at our neighborhood Ace for everything instead of driving across town to Lowe's.


Erin said...

glad you made it!! you'll need to send me your new address.

Melissa said...

We need it too! Did anything break on the last 10-mile bumpy stretch?

emlindah said...

Good to hear you made it! If you finish unpacking and still feel motivated I have a couple boxes that still need emptying... I second, no third the address thing.