Sunday, June 13, 2010

our new home

I (Jeremy) started work at Jax this week, it's been pretty crazy learning all the ropes, but the work environment is great (and my desk has a pretty awesome view to boot). The commute is a bit much, at around an hour each way with tourist traffic, but I've been carpooling with a friend so that helps to pass the time.

Lots of people have been asking about our new digs in Maine. We had some friends over yesterday as a little housewarming, and to give us a reason to finish unpacking and clean. So, we figured we'd take some pictures of the layout. We still don't have a replacement TV yet (we sold our old one instead of moving it), but it should be here this week. The guest bedroom/office also still has quite a few boxes in it... It's easier to ignore the boxes than try to find a place to put all the stuff.

The awesome built-ins (we were very disappointed with ourselves, not filling them all...) looking towards the front door and through to the kitchen/dining area. Upstairs is the master bedroom, bathroom/laundry area, and the guest room/office.

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Melissa said...

Very nice! It looks like a great home. I like that you changed the blog to your goldaandjeremy website. It will be nice to hear from both of you here.