Monday, June 28, 2010

Settling In

Not much has been going on here lately. I'm still looking for a job - it's not a fun process. I hope something comes through soon so I'll be less stressed. I have noticed something about Maine though. It reminds me a lot of da U.P., in good ways. It's very rustic, like the U.P., lots of tress and water, and the people are pretty similar too. Also, the weather is very comparable. It's pretty much been in the 70's, maybe low 80's every day. So much nicer than Tennessee, where it has been in the 90s-100s the past couple of weeks.

The weather is a bit odd here, however. In Knoxville, it would get warmer until about 4pm each day, then start cooling off slowly. Here, it peaks around noon and is much cooler by 3pm. I've been told this is because of the ocean - a southwest wind starts about noon each day, cooling the air. This makes so much sense, now that I know this. Before I was just perplexed as to why it was so much cooler every afternoon.

Other than thinking about the weather, we've been exploring some and getting to know the area. We found a cheap and good lobster place not far from us. We have been here over three weeks so we figured it was time we finally ate some lobster. It didn't disappoint. While we were eating there, on the patio, we saw a group of really pretty 20-30 year olds go in. This confused us because, much like the U.P., people don't really get dolled up to go out to eat here. You can never be under dressed anywhere. We figured they must be from Boston and vacationing here. A few minutes later another group of pretty people arrived. We heard one girl say she was getting married the next day. Then it all made sense, it was a destination wedding and this was the rehearsal dinner (also explains why half of the inside of the restaurant was reserved for a large group).

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