Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Battle" at Fort Knox

Last weekend Jeremy and I headed to nearby Bucksport for their annual town celebration. Mainly we went to see the reenactment battle they have at (the original) Fort Knox, which is across either a river or bay from town. I never know what body of water I'm looking at up here. It's all very confusing.

We rode a shuttle bus over the new bridge to the fort to watch the Civil War reenactment. Now you might be wondering what Civil War battle occurred this far north in Maine at Fort Knox. None. There was no actual battle. The reenactment was what could have happened if there was a battle. That was the whole reason I wanted to go - to see the reenactment of something that never happened. I kept hoping they'd reenact what actually did happen because it would be funny to have all those people there watching nothing, because that's actually the historical truth.

The reenactment wasn't very interesting. I had never been to one before, and now I don't feel the need to ever go again. At least now I know what all the fuss is about.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Doldrums

About this time every year I get antsy for it to finally be fall. Not because I'm looking forward to the cooler, crisp weather, but because this is the doldrums for sports. By the end of July, Wimbledon has been over for a couple weeks, and this year the World Cup has been over for a while as well. The US Open is still a month off and it's even longer until college football season starts. All we have right now is baseball, and I don't watch baseball on TV. Who does? This past Saturday I was bored - I wouldn't be bored if it was fall! I'd have football to watch (and listen to online when Baylor's games aren't be televised)!

This really is the worst time of year for sports fans.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeremy and I have started playing a game when we're both in the car when it's time to get gas. We guess how many gallons we need. That's it, but it's surprisingly fun and we're getting really good at it. The last few times we've played one of us has been with 0.1 of the correct amount. We may have to start guessing to the hundredth soon. We don't play by the Price is Right rules, that is, if you go over you automatically lose. That would make it even more difficult I think. The last time we guessed I was going back and forth between 14.1 and 14.2 gallons, but picked 14.1 because I didn't want to go over (even though we weren't playing Price is Right rules). It ended up being 14.7. Dang it, had I just guessed 14.2 I would have been ever closer. Jeremy recently was within something like .002 of the actual amount of gas.

We may need lives if this excites us, eh?

Friday, July 16, 2010


Jeremy and I went to Boston this past week. He had a conference to go to and I saw the city while he was listening to talks. It worked out well for me. Boston is only about 4.5 hours from us so the drive wasn't bad at all, that is, until we got into the city. After getting lost once, we found our hotel and settled in.

I got to spend some time with Cecilia while there, since she's a grad student at BU. She showed me around the area we were staying in and we also went to the Science Museum together. That is a pretty cool place. I'd highly recommend it to anyone visiting Boston.

I got a "Boston City Pass" that gave me access to the science museum, sky walk observatory, aquarium, art museum, and either the natural history museum at Harvard or the JFK library for much cheaper than it would be to buy separate passes. I ended up going to all but the observatory and I picked the natural history museum over the JFK library, mainly just to see the Harvard campus. Jeremy was able to accompany me to that one. It was pretty lame and the campus wasn't as impressive as I expected it to be either. The art museum was my favorite attraction (I would also highly recommend it). It was HUGE and they're adding on another big wing. The aquarium wasn't the best I've been to. It was rather small and overrun by small children so it was hard to see a lot of fish. They do have a rather impressive penguin exhibit though.

We celebrated Jeremy's birthday while there and had dinner at an Italian restaurant in the North End followed by some awesome cannoli. it was pretty good, but since he didn't get a cake I'm making him one now. He has requested white chocolate with raspberry this year.

Also while in Boston, we were able to see my friend from Texas, Ceci, who is a grad student at BC and Jeremy's friend from Baylor, Derek, who is also a grad student there. Who knew we knew so many people in Boston? It was fun seeing them. We played trivia with Derek and his wife at a bar and were in the lead until they threw in a baseball "lightning round". We basically lost because we didn't know what teams all these baseball players are on. We got all the science questions though!

We came back Wednesday afternoon and will probably go back sometime for a weekend vacation now that we know how close it is. We're closer to Boston now than we were to Memphis when we lived in Knoxville. Crazy.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Fourth

We had a pretty good Fourth of July up here in Maine. Our town doesn't do anything, but there was a lot of stuff going on in nearby towns. We went to Bar Harbor on Saturday to watch the parade. It was no Gladstone parade, but it was still decent. I have never seen so many people (and animals) dressed up like lobsters before. I think the Fourth of July is synonymous with lobster day here.

After the parade we headed to the ballpark where other festivities were going on, including lobster races and blueberry pie eating contests. They were both fundraisers for the YMCA and a lot of fun. Here is a video of one of the lobster races. I picked the winning lobster correctly. Too bad I didn't bet on it.

The best part of the festivities was that I could eat almost everything there! In Knoxville, the only things I could eat were popcorn and giant pretzels. Here they had groups selling sandwiches for fundraisers and they had grilled cheese, pb & jelly, and hummus sandwiches! Also, there was a lot of seafood, and since I eat seafood, that was an option. Except that it was 10x the price of a grilled cheese... Another difference between here and Knoxville, I'm pretty sure I didn't see anything that was deep fried.

Oh, they are also serious about their desserts up here, especially their pie. A local garden club was selling slices of pie as a fundraiser and they had every kind of pie you could think of. Jeremy went with a slice of blueberry pie while I got strawberry shortcake from a nearby booth.

Sunday we went back to Bar Harbor for the fireworks. We got there three hours early and still had problems finding a good spot to sit. It was crazy packed, mostly with tourists. It was a good show though, so I think it was worth the wait, especially since we got to people watch while waiting. People watching here isn't as much fun as it is in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge though. Totally different crowd up here. Way less airbrushed t-shirts and I have yet to see a Confederate flag.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Working on the Farm

Jeremy and I joined a CSA in the area, but instead of paying for our fresh vegetables every week, we work 8 hours a week on the farm. Actually, we joined it along with our friends who moved here from Tennessee also. This was our first week going out to the farm to work. Since our friends were out of town, Jeremy and I went and each worked 8 hours. I picked spinach, weeded beets, gathered eggs, and washed spinach and meslun. Jeremy cut and washed lettuce and picked garlic scapes. In exchange for all this we left with two giant bags of spinach, a head of lettuce, a bag of mesclun, a bag of garlic scapes, and two dozen eggs. Most of the other people doing the workshare are doing it alone. I'm not sure how they eat all that food by themselves in a week. They must eat a lot of salad and eggs.

It was a lot of fun working out at the farm. We got to meet some people from the area and the farmer. One of the full time workers on the farm is actually from Tennessee. He even went to undergrad with a girl from my grad program. It's a crazy small world.