Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Battle" at Fort Knox

Last weekend Jeremy and I headed to nearby Bucksport for their annual town celebration. Mainly we went to see the reenactment battle they have at (the original) Fort Knox, which is across either a river or bay from town. I never know what body of water I'm looking at up here. It's all very confusing.

We rode a shuttle bus over the new bridge to the fort to watch the Civil War reenactment. Now you might be wondering what Civil War battle occurred this far north in Maine at Fort Knox. None. There was no actual battle. The reenactment was what could have happened if there was a battle. That was the whole reason I wanted to go - to see the reenactment of something that never happened. I kept hoping they'd reenact what actually did happen because it would be funny to have all those people there watching nothing, because that's actually the historical truth.

The reenactment wasn't very interesting. I had never been to one before, and now I don't feel the need to ever go again. At least now I know what all the fuss is about.

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Erin said...

that is highly weird. I haven't heard of that being done before...