Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeremy and I have started playing a game when we're both in the car when it's time to get gas. We guess how many gallons we need. That's it, but it's surprisingly fun and we're getting really good at it. The last few times we've played one of us has been with 0.1 of the correct amount. We may have to start guessing to the hundredth soon. We don't play by the Price is Right rules, that is, if you go over you automatically lose. That would make it even more difficult I think. The last time we guessed I was going back and forth between 14.1 and 14.2 gallons, but picked 14.1 because I didn't want to go over (even though we weren't playing Price is Right rules). It ended up being 14.7. Dang it, had I just guessed 14.2 I would have been ever closer. Jeremy recently was within something like .002 of the actual amount of gas.

We may need lives if this excites us, eh?

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