Thursday, July 01, 2010

Working on the Farm

Jeremy and I joined a CSA in the area, but instead of paying for our fresh vegetables every week, we work 8 hours a week on the farm. Actually, we joined it along with our friends who moved here from Tennessee also. This was our first week going out to the farm to work. Since our friends were out of town, Jeremy and I went and each worked 8 hours. I picked spinach, weeded beets, gathered eggs, and washed spinach and meslun. Jeremy cut and washed lettuce and picked garlic scapes. In exchange for all this we left with two giant bags of spinach, a head of lettuce, a bag of mesclun, a bag of garlic scapes, and two dozen eggs. Most of the other people doing the workshare are doing it alone. I'm not sure how they eat all that food by themselves in a week. They must eat a lot of salad and eggs.

It was a lot of fun working out at the farm. We got to meet some people from the area and the farmer. One of the full time workers on the farm is actually from Tennessee. He even went to undergrad with a girl from my grad program. It's a crazy small world.

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