Friday, August 06, 2010


It's blueberry season here in Maine which means you can buy wild blueberries practically everywhere. It also means that the blueberry pickers are in the area. We decided that instead of paying $5-6/quart we wanted to pick our own, for $1.50/quart. There was a list of places in the paper where you could pick your own so Jeremy called one and we were on our way.

I wish I got pictures of the picking process. It was a little sketchy. The place of business was a trailer out in the country, with a few other houses around. The houses were all surrounded by wild blueberry fields. The guy Jeremy talked to on the phone told us that he probably wouldn't be there, but to just pick some or talk to someone in the area and they'd tell us where to pick. We were to leave the money in the bucket on the porch.

When we got there, sure enough the guy wasn't there. We knocked on the door of a nearby house and no one was there either so we just started picking. I sure hope that we picked in the correct field and we weren't actually stealing from someone else. We left the money in the bucket so someone got paid at least.

Here is a picture of our bounty, after we picked them over for leaves and stems. We picked about two quarts in all. I'm planning on making a blueberry pie and pancakes out of some of them and freezing what's in the pan.


Anonymous said...

Fresh,wild blueberries are the best!!! Taste so much better than farm raised.
Did you use the "blueberry board" to clean the berries???

Cherish said...

That's awesome! The u-pick berry patches here are at least an hour's drive, so it's not cost-effective.