Monday, August 30, 2010

Working from home (and food)

One of the best things about being based out of my home (or car) for work is that I get to eat lunch at home usually. Sometimes there isn't enough time between clients so I have to grab something and eat it on the road, but when I get to eat at home, it's wonderful. I get to eat so many things that I wouldn't be able to pack in a lunch and eat elsewhere. Also, I never have to worry about packing my lunch the night before or that morning in a rush.

Today for lunch I had two poached eggs on a piece of toast, covered in salsa and a blueberry-banana smoothie. I'd never get to eat that anywhere but home for lunch.

There is a downside to this new job though - the hours, especially once school starts for the kids, keep me working late into the evening. This means that I'm going to have to get creative with dinners on those nights. I'm thinking we're going to be eating a lot of crockpot meals.


Anonymous said...

Did you have "eggs with a hat"???

Golda said...

Pretty much, but a more "grown up" version. I used to eat that a lot in college though. Good stuff.

Cherish said...

Yes! I eat so much better when I'm at home. It's hard to pack well-balanced lunches, in a hurry, every day. Some things just can't be prepared at work.