Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Weekend

Jeremy and I had a fairly busy weekend. Baylor was playing it's homecoming game against K-State Saturday at 3:30. If they won, they'd be bowl eligible. We also had tickets to the UMaine - North Dakota hockey game up in Orono (about an hour away) for 7pm. We decided that we'd go up to Jeremy's office on campus to listen to the football game (since it wasn't being televised) and then walk over to the hockey game after that.

Jeremy decided that since we were headed up to Orono that day, we should stop by Bangor and do some shopping. He was wanting/needing some dress pants and found a coupon for Express online. Since an Express just opened at the Bangor mall (45 minutes away and the nearest place to us to buy things like pants - living in a small town can be rough sometimes), we decided to head up there before listening to the football game. Turns out Express was having some crazy sales. Jeremy ended up buying two pairs of nice pants and I got a pair of earrings - a $140 value and we paid $53!

We ended up only being able to listen to the first half of the football game since lightning delayed it for almost two hours. We had a healthy 10 point lead at the half so I wasn't too worried about losing (a few years ago I would have been - the Baylor team of yore would have found a way to lose, but not this year's team!). We went to the hockey game and I called my dad at intermissions to get updates on the score. He's a K-State fan so he wasn't too thrilled that they lost.

The hockey game was packed! If it wasn't sold out, it was close. It was fun and UMaine won 4-2, beating #2 North Dakota. Here is us after the game - Jeremy thought ahead to wear UMaine colors while I'm sporting my Baylor gear (that you can't see):

We got back pretty late Saturday night so I had to get up early Sunday morning to make an apple-raisin bread for church. It was "blue jean Sunday" at church this week - that is, everyone wears their blue jeans to church and stays after for lunch and to do the fall cleaning.

The weekend definitely went by too fast. Why oh why aren't they longer?

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Anonymous said...

Argggg.....K-State didn't loose...they just ran out of time is all. BTW.....your winnings are in the mail and you should have them by the end of the week.