Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yet Another Pizza

In my never ending quest to eat new pizzas, I made yet another new one this week. Jeremy brought home a bunch of red peppers from the farm we work at last week and I couldn't decide what I was going to do with them. Yesterday, we were having pizza for dinner and we didn't have enough basil pesto for both pizzas. Suddenly it came to me - I'd roast the peppers and make a red pepper pesto for one pizza.

I was afraid the red pepper taste would be overwhelming, but it isn't. Since I roasted the peppers first, it is a pretty mild taste. I used almonds instead of pine nuts in the pesto since that is what I had. I should have used less olive oil - I forgot that peppers have more water in them than basil so they need less oil. Oh well. I topped it with some mozzarella and I must say it turned out pretty good. Jeremy says it's "okay" but he'd prefer a bbq, tomato sauce, or pesto pizza. Then again, he's not a big red pepper fan. He did eat some though.

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Evelyn said...

Home-roasted red peppers are so good! I use the jarred ones a lot because they're convenient, but when we make the time to roast them ourselves, it's really special.