Monday, November 08, 2010

When in Maine, eat seafood.

Jeremy has really embraced seafood since moving to Maine. He liked it before, but now he's trying out all these new recipes since we have so much fresh, cheap, seafood at our fingertips. You may remember the lobster rolls we made earlier in the fall, all his idea.

Then about a month of so ago he decided he wanted to make some haddock chowder for dinner one night while I was working. It was excellent.

About two weeks ago he saw mussels on sale and couldn't resist. Here they are (don't mind the ugly pot):

Neither of us had ever eaten mussels before. They were pretty good, but both agreed that we probably won't be eating them often.

I fully support Jeremy's quest in new seafood adventures because it means I get a break from cooking dinner every once in a while. (Although I do enjoy cooking, it's nice to have a night off sometimes, plus Jeremy enjoys getting the night off from washing dishes if he cooks!)


Chris said...

"...we have so much fresh, cheap, seafood..."


Golda said...

Yeah, it's pretty sweet. I got fresh swordfish a couple weeks ago for $4/lb LESS than what I paid for farm raised salmon in Knoxville.

Allie said...

gosh. your pot is so ugly! jk. I really like mussels, they're really good when cooked in garlicy buttery goodness. :)