Monday, December 20, 2010


After learning all about wreaths, Jeremy was planning on making one. He even bought a ring and some decorations for it. Then he came home from church with this one:

Our church decorates and sells wreaths every year as a fundraiser for different non-profits and charities in the area. It's pretty fun - everyone stays after church a couple Sundays and we have a potluck before we get to work. I was a "ribbon fluffer" and Jeremy trimmed the wreaths and "supervised" a small child who helped trim. Someone in the area made the actual wreath part. Wreaths are big business up here - people sell them out of their homes even.

So, if you want an authentic Maine wreath for your door next year, let us know! Ours are MUCH cheaper than LL Bean's and we'll ship them to you!

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emlindah said...

I'll have to take you up on that next year, especially now that I have my own door I can hang one on!