Saturday, February 19, 2011

Waiting for Spring

I'm over this whole "winter" thing - I want it to be spring. This winter hasn't really been too bad. It's often sunny and that helps a lot. I remember in da U.P. we wouldn't see the sun for months. That was awful. But I'm still ready for spring! We've been teased this week with some warmer weather and now I'm ready for it full time.

I've decided to make a list of things I'm excited for once it's actually spring:

1. Grilling. I miss it.
2. Not having to wear boots/not getting snow in my shoes.
3. Not having to wear a warm coat, mittens, and scarf all the time.
4. Camping!
5. Hiking!
6. The ice cream shops opening again!
7. Not slipping on the ice that is currently covering everyone's driveways.
8. Fresh spring veggies
9. Not having to cancel work sessions because I'm snowed in.
10. Our electric/propane bills going down.
11. Taking all the plastic stuff off our windows and being able to see out the windows again.
12. Being able to do outside activities with my clients that don't involve snow/being cold.
13. Not having to scrape/brush snow off my windshield all the time.
14. Riding on Jeremy's motorcycle.

I'm sure there are more, but that is all I can think of right now.

Things I'm NOT excited for:

1. MUD
2. Tourists

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