Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Friday Hike

Last Friday Jeremy and I went for our annual Good Friday hike. In Tennessee, the university gave us the day off as "Spring Recess" and we usually went hiking with some people from our church that day. We decided to continue the traditional hike this year and I took the day off from work.

This year we hiked Cadillac mountain, which is on Mount Desert Island, not too far from us. It is the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard. We've been to the top before, but got there by car. There is a road that goes all the way to the top. When we drove it last summer, I remember seeing hikers along the way and thinking "Oh, they don't look like they're having too much fun! I'm glad I'm in the car." Truthfully, the hike wasn't too bad and it was a nice day for it - in the 50's and sunny.

We did the North Ridge Trail, which is about 4.4 miles round trip. I was expecting it to be a lot steeper - I guess after hiking in the Smokies my expectation of mountain hikes are skewed. Since it was early in the season not too many other people were out. Come summer I expect the trail will be packed with tourists.

Us at the top. It was pretty breezy up there, out of the trees.

View from the top.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Beer Suppah

Last Sunday Jeremy and I had the opportunity to go to a beer dinner at a local restaurant, Cleonice. We had never been to a beer dinner before. I was excited, Jeremy was a little hesitant because he's kind of a picky beer drinker. He doesn't like dark or flavorful beers. I somehow convinced him that this would be fun.

We got to taste 8 different beers over the course of the dinner. There were four courses, each paired with an "old world" beer and a "new world" beer.

The "new world" first course was buffalo jerky and a deviled egg paired with a Weyerbacher Merry Monks Tripel. The "old world" pairing was duckfat crispy fries and a Belgian finger sandwich with Koningshoven La Trappe Tripel.

I had never had a Tripel before and was quite pleased. The Weyerbacher had a light, bold flavor and was almost fruity tasting. The spices, clove and coriander, came through nicely. The Koningshoven was less sweet and seemed like it had more carbonation. Overall, Jeremy and I liked the Weyerbacher better but thought that the Koningshoven paired better with its food.

The second course consisted of Texas red pork chili with hominy and was paired with a Weyerbacher Fireside Ale for the "new world" and smoked shoulder with cabbage paired with a Marzen Rauschbier for the "old world."

The Weyerbacher Fireside had a nice smoky smell and a somewhat smoky aftertaste. It was light, yet hearty. The Marzen Rauschbier had a smokier taste and smell and wasn't as hearty. Both Jeremy and I liked the Weyerbacher better.

The third course was a slider of Blue Hill Blondes beef paired with a Weyerbacher Heresy Stout for the "new world" and Cheddar and Whisky Rarebit paired with a Harveistoun Ola Dubh for the "old world".

Honestly, by this time I couldn't really tell any difference between the beers. I wrote that they were both "flavorful and stout-like" on my sheet. Jeremy liked the Weyerbacher better; I couldn't taste a difference.

The last course was dessert. We were served a piece of spicy gingerbread made with stout paired with a Manly Men Blackstrapped Molasses barleywine for the "new world" and Pears with Stout Creme Anglais paired with a Brauerel Hofstetten barleywine for the "old world".

These barleywines were very different tasting so I could tell a difference. The Manly Man selection was very molasses-y and tasted kind of like gingerbread. The Brauerel Hofstetten was more bittter and lighter. Jeremy liked that one better but I preferred the Manly Man barleywine.

The beer supper was a lot of fun and we got the opportunity to try some beers we never would have before. Jeremy even found out that he likes more beers than he thought. This is something we'd definitely do again. Although, next time I won't finish all my beers - it was a bit much for me.

My Spice Rack

Jeremy made me a spice rack a couple years ago and I must say, I love it! Before, all my spices were thrown in a cabinet and I'd have to sort through all of them just to find the cumin. Now they're all right there - in plain sight! They're not very organized right now, but it still takes me much less time to find something now than before.

It's the little things in life that make me happy.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Maine Accent

We've lived in Maine for 10 months now, which is weird to think we've been here this long. Time has flown by. Over the past few months I have noticed something odd about the Maine accent. While people tend to take the "R" sound off of words so that "Mainer" is pronounced "Mainah" and "Bar Harbor" becomes "Bah Hahbah" they also add "R" sounds to words without them. I have noticed this mostly when people say "idea." It becomes "idear." This drives me crazy! The other day though, someone did this to my name. I definitely heard someone call me "Golder." AHHH!! That. Is. Not. My. Name!

Another peculiar thing I have noticed is that people add "the" to names of things such as roads and schools. The road near our house, which goes in the direction of the town of Bucksport, becomes "The Bucksport Road" (even though it has a proper road name, I can't even tell you what it is since no one calls it by it's real name). Likely, the road headed towards Surry is "The Surry Road." I think in Bucksport they refer to the same road as "The Ellsworth Road" since, well, it goes in the direction of Ellsworth, our town. This confuses me because sometimes I'll be driving on it, towards our house, and I don't know if I'm supposed to call it The Bucksport Road because that's what we call it or The Ellsworth Road because I'm headed towards Ellsworth.

People also call the old Elementary school here The Knowlton School. It would be like if I the elementary school I went to "The Lee School." Weird.