Saturday, April 09, 2011

Beer Suppah

Last Sunday Jeremy and I had the opportunity to go to a beer dinner at a local restaurant, Cleonice. We had never been to a beer dinner before. I was excited, Jeremy was a little hesitant because he's kind of a picky beer drinker. He doesn't like dark or flavorful beers. I somehow convinced him that this would be fun.

We got to taste 8 different beers over the course of the dinner. There were four courses, each paired with an "old world" beer and a "new world" beer.

The "new world" first course was buffalo jerky and a deviled egg paired with a Weyerbacher Merry Monks Tripel. The "old world" pairing was duckfat crispy fries and a Belgian finger sandwich with Koningshoven La Trappe Tripel.

I had never had a Tripel before and was quite pleased. The Weyerbacher had a light, bold flavor and was almost fruity tasting. The spices, clove and coriander, came through nicely. The Koningshoven was less sweet and seemed like it had more carbonation. Overall, Jeremy and I liked the Weyerbacher better but thought that the Koningshoven paired better with its food.

The second course consisted of Texas red pork chili with hominy and was paired with a Weyerbacher Fireside Ale for the "new world" and smoked shoulder with cabbage paired with a Marzen Rauschbier for the "old world."

The Weyerbacher Fireside had a nice smoky smell and a somewhat smoky aftertaste. It was light, yet hearty. The Marzen Rauschbier had a smokier taste and smell and wasn't as hearty. Both Jeremy and I liked the Weyerbacher better.

The third course was a slider of Blue Hill Blondes beef paired with a Weyerbacher Heresy Stout for the "new world" and Cheddar and Whisky Rarebit paired with a Harveistoun Ola Dubh for the "old world".

Honestly, by this time I couldn't really tell any difference between the beers. I wrote that they were both "flavorful and stout-like" on my sheet. Jeremy liked the Weyerbacher better; I couldn't taste a difference.

The last course was dessert. We were served a piece of spicy gingerbread made with stout paired with a Manly Men Blackstrapped Molasses barleywine for the "new world" and Pears with Stout Creme Anglais paired with a Brauerel Hofstetten barleywine for the "old world".

These barleywines were very different tasting so I could tell a difference. The Manly Man selection was very molasses-y and tasted kind of like gingerbread. The Brauerel Hofstetten was more bittter and lighter. Jeremy liked that one better but I preferred the Manly Man barleywine.

The beer supper was a lot of fun and we got the opportunity to try some beers we never would have before. Jeremy even found out that he likes more beers than he thought. This is something we'd definitely do again. Although, next time I won't finish all my beers - it was a bit much for me.


Chris said...

Since moving to Austin, I've discovered that I love amber beers. Theres a couple of great local brewers that make some delicious ambers. Finding new beers is always fun!

Laura @ FoodSnobSTL said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Schafly beers. Their pumpkin is my favorite.

Should you really be drinking, since you are excepting and all ;)

Golda said...

Chris - there's a brewery on MDI that has free tours and tastings. We should go when you guys come up.

Laura - well, you know, it was only a little bit of beer.... haha.

Charee said...

wait! you ate all that meat? I'm shocked...!

Golda said...

Sometimes I'm a bad vegetarian. But whenever I do eat meat, it reminds me that I don't really like it and that I'm not missing anything.

Anonymous said...

They have beer tastings at a local beer store close to where I live and we sample beers from local brew pubs and breweries. I've discovered the an Indian Pale Ale is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Say What?????????? Expecting???? So am I the last to find out about something that I'm going to find out about anyway?????