Thursday, June 09, 2011


Not a whole lot has been going on around here lately. Jeremy and I went to Massachusetts this past weekend for our church's Synod Assembly. This is when, every year, each church in the Synod (in our case 6 New England States) send delegates to vote on the next year's budget and other things relating to the Synod. I wasn't a voting delegate but Jeremy was. It was our first Synod Assembly and I enjoyed learning what all happens at them. It was also great to meet other Lutherans from our area and get to know them some.

We are now getting ready to have friends visit this weekend - Chris and Meredith from Texas and Eric from Wisconsin. They are our first visitors so we're excited to show them around the area and eat some lobstah with them.

My work weeks have been short lately due to, well, not having much work. The upside to this is that I can sometimes schedule my week so that I have Fridays off! I just hope I don't get to used to it before work picks back up.

My computer has been on the fritz lately so I bit the bullet and bought a new one. I figured I should before the other one completely dies and I lose everything on it. I need a computer for work so going without one is not an option and I can't use Jeremy's for my work since his is not really his, but his work's. Also, I wanted to buy a new computer while Microsoft still had their buy-a-laptop-get-a-free-xbox360 deal going on. So now we have an xbox 360 but no games for it. We're hoping to get a kinect eventually, possibly as a birthday present for Jeremy next month.

In the past two weeks or so we've gotten a Droid phone, ipod touch, laptop, and xbox 360 but have only paid for the laptop (Jeremy's side job paid for the phone and ipod touch since he's programming mobile apps). Pretty sweet. Needless to say, we're totally geeked out over all these new toys.

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Allie said...

funny story, I was reading about the computer and getting a free Xbox 360 and thought to myself "Really?! I haven't heard about that deal." and the commercial was on!