Saturday, July 09, 2011


I've been wanting to go camping or backpacking for a while now. It seems like we always have something going on every weekend so we never get the chance. We finally decided that we would go backpacking the weekend of the Fourth of July since the weather was supposed to be nice and we didn't have anything going on. That plan quickly changed once we realized the church rummage sale was that weekend and we had already signed up to work at it. So instead of backpacking we went camping nearby and drove in on Saturday to work at the rummage sale. Perfect compromise.

I didn't have to work Friday so we went out around noon and made lunch at our campsite. Eating is one of my favorite things to do while camping. Everything just tastes so much better when cooked over a fire.

Lunch consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches, made in a pie iron, and salad, because we've recently started receiving our CSA box and are up to our ears in lettuce.

View from our campsite:

We spent most of the day Friday reading, napping, and relaxing. It was pretty great.

For dinner I made a pizza in the dutch oven. I was pretty pleased with how well it turned out.

Saturday we got up and ate breakfast before heading into town for the rummage sale. I had found a recipe online for a hashbrown/egg/onion dish made in a pie iron and decided I had to try it. We had some extra American cheese from our grilled cheese sandwiches so I threw some on at the end to melt it. So good. We'll definitely be making this again while camping.

Saturday we spent most of the day at the rummage sale, snacking on food there. We returned back to our campsite in the early afternoon and walked to a local ice cream place. We spent the rest of the time reading, napping, and relaxing again.

Dinner the second night was another dutch oven meal - pot pie. I cooked some chopped onions and carrots in the dutch oven, added peas and corn, a big can of cream of mushroom soup and heated that. Then I topped it with some cut up biscuits and cooked it until the biscuits were done. It was pretty good, especially since we were camping and everything is better when camping.

Sunset over the ocean:

Sunday we had the same thing for breakfast, packed up and went home. We skipped church because I didn't want to rush around to get home and ready on time. Plus the Wimbledon finals were on and I wanted to catch that.

Now I'm hoping for the stars to align so we can actually go backpacking.

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