Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Not much has been happening around here lately. I've been working, Jeremy's been working. Same old, same old. We did take a "vacation" a couple weeks ago. I had some use-it-or-lose-it vacation time at work so I decided to use it. We went camping up north, in "The County." It was okay. It would have been better, but it rained every day. Camping + rain = no fun. It was great to see a different part of the state, though, even if we didn't see a moose.

We did one short (but torturous) hike on the trip in between rain showers. Jeremy found a trail that was .4 miles round trip, but it went up and back down a mountain. That means it was .2 miles straight up and then straight back down. It was horrible. I fell so many times on the way down. The view at the top was nice at least.

We also got some kayaking in when it wasn't raining one afternoon. This was much more fun than the hike.

Friday, our last day, we went up to Fort Kent for the Ploye festival. A ploye is basically a buckwheat crepe. Fort Kent is on the border with Canada and about an hour from where we were camping. It was so different up there from where we live in "Downeast" Maine. I have never heard so many people in the US speaking French. It was pretty cool. Also, we ran into a couple from our church while there! They were on a trip to Northern Maine and then Quebec. We ended up eating dinner with them before heading to the giant ploye.

The ploye was okay, but it started pouring while we were looking at the people making it. Go figure - it seemed to be the theme of the trip.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Maine Blueberries

It's that time of year again here in Maine - blueberry season! Last year, Jeremy and I found a nearby field and picked some by hand. This year we thought we'd try our hand at raking instead.

I found a farm about 50 minutes away that provides rakes. Raking is so much better than picking by hand.

In less than 30 minutes we almost completely filled our flat.

Next, we watched our berries and debris go through the cleaning machine. Last year we had to pick through our berries ourselves. This was so much easier.

First it blew out the grass and leaves, then the small berries were removed, lastly the smashed berries were carried off. This left us to weed out any stems that got through.

We ended up with 6 lbs of blueberries. We had blueberry pancakes for dinner the night we picked them - I'm also planning on making at least one pie and some muffins. Not sure yet what I'm going to do with the rest.

I'm glad we got to cross off another activity from our "Maine bucket list." While raking was much easier than picking, I don't think I'd want to do it all day, every day as rakers do during blueberry season.