Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sic 'em Bears!

It's a great time to be a Baylor Bear. Our quarterback, Robert Griffin III, or RG3, won the Heisman this weekend! He is the first person from Baylor to ever win it. Heck, he's the first person from Baylor to finish above #4 in the voting. I am over the top ecstatic that he won. I watched every game this year that I could and the other ones I listened to online. After the Oklahoma game, I knew he had a good chance of winning the Heisman and he sealed that win a solid win over Texas the next week. Jeremy and I of course watched the trophy presentation on Saturday and yelled when they called his name. This is not only good for RG3, but for Baylor as a whole. We haven't exactly been known as a football powerhouse. Times are a changin'.

Not only is our football team 9-3 and heading to the Alamo Bowl, but our men's basketball team is ranked #6 and our women's basketball team is #1. Oh how different this is than when Jeremy and I were at Baylor. Sure our women's team was good and even won the NCAAW tournament our junior year, but our men's basketball team was awful. See, we were there when the whole Baylor basketball murder/scandal happened. Almost all of our players left the team, the coach left in disgrace, and we were put on probation by the NCAA. It was a tough few years. I'm so glad to see them doing so well now. Also, our football team was so bad, that we stormed the field when we beat KU our freshman year because it was our first conference win in years. KU! It must be so different to be a student at Baylor now and only know winning teams on the football field and basketball court.