Friday, March 23, 2012

We have a son!

So a lot has happened in the past two months. Scratch that. Not much happened for most of two months, then a lot happened in the past two weeks. Our little guy, Jonas, was born on March 10th and boy has life as we once knew it changed!

I was due March 14th, but had a feeling that he would come earlier than that. I started my maternity leave March 5th, because my job is pretty stressful and requires a lot of energy. I had originally planned on working until I went into labor, but the previous Friday I was exhausted and knew I couldn't do it anymore so I officially went on leave. I'm so glad I did. It gave me a week to relax and get some things done. I could tell that my body was preparing itself that week so I didn't feel too bad about taking the time off from work.

Thursday night/early Friday morning I woke up and couldn't sleep. That wasn't unusual by that point in the pregnancy. I started having some contractions during this time. Again, not really unusual but these did feel somewhat different. After about an hour they stopped and I got some sleep. I got up Friday morning to go to my 39 week appointment. I was having bloody show that morning and I kind of felt that this could be the day. At my appointment my midwife basically told me it wouldn't be much longer. I was 2cm dilated and 80% thinned. She told me to get some rest and not do anything for the rest of the day. I was having mild contractions throughout the appointment and then at home. Again, I was thinking "this could be the day" but then the contractions stopped.

I relaxed the rest of the day and took a nap. That evening we went out to dinner with some of Jeremy's colleagues to celebrate our friend getting his PhD. At dinner everyone kept asking how much longer I had. I kept saying "any minute now" but no longer thought I'd go into labor that day since I hadn't had any contractions since the morning.

We got home around 7:30 and around 8:30 I was having regular contractions, but they were pretty mild. They got more intense around 10pm and at 10:30 we called the hospital to say I'd be coming in later. Jeremy went into "daddy mode" and was running around the house getting everything together and to the car. It was great not having to worry about that. Plus, I've never seen him like that so it made me laugh. He's normally so relaxed and laid back. The contractions continued to get stronger and at 11:15 Jeremy made the executive decision to go to the hospital.

Now, we only live .9 miles from the hospital, but Jeremy managed to run a red light. Once at the hospital, at about 11:30pm, the nurse checked me out and I was dilated to 6cm. She did everything she needed to do until the midwife got there. The midwife arrived at about midnight and I was 7-8cm dilated. After she checked me out they let me get into the tub. I LOVED the tub. It was so wonderful! Jeremy got in with me and helped me through the contractions. He was so great the entire time. I couldn't imagine going through labor without him.

I labored in the tub for about an hour until I couldn't resist the urge to push. That was an odd sensation. A girl in my childbirth class had her baby about halfway through the course and came and talked to us about her experience. She told us that your body just takes over when it's time to push and you just go with it. That is so how it happened. There was nothing I could do - my body just started pushing. We were still in the tub when it happened and Jeremy was behind me holding my stomach so he got to feel it happen. The midwife got me out of the tub and onto the bed at that point. I pushed mostly on my side for about 20-30 minutes and Jonas was born at 1:30am! The whole thing happened so quickly it was unreal.

After Jonas was born I got immediate skin to skin time with him. He took to feeding right away and I got to hold him for quite a while before they took his height/weight/all that. (For the record he was 7lbs 7.8oz and 20in.) It was pretty great. At some point we went to our recovery room where I fed Jonas some more and we all eventually went to sleep for a short while.

I can't say enough great things about our experience at the hospital. All of the nurses and midwives were excellent and really made sure we had the experience we wanted. Jeremy was able to stay in the room with us the entire time and even had his own bed! We stayed the full amount of time allowed, which was through Monday. The midwives recommended we stay the entire time and I'm glad we did. It was relaxing and almost like a vacation after giving birth. Oh, we also got a "celebration" dinner on Saturday! Or, as Jeremy says "I get steak because I have a kid!" He got the steak, obviously, and I had a delicious haddock dish. They even brought in a table and tablecloth for the dinner.

My mom was scheduled to come on Saturday, March 11th, so it worked out great. Jeremy was able to run to Bangor to pick her up and she spent the week with us. It was wonderful to have her here for Jonas' first week - I'm so glad the timing worked out so well! After a week on our own, my oldest sister and grandma are now on there way here for a short visit.

This ended up being much longer than I meant and I haven't even said everything I was originally going to. For another day I guess...

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